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Take a Punt at Networking: Partners in Plumbing Lunch for Melbourne Cup

When I first started working full time at age 19, I had little idea about the Melbourne Cup. It wasn’t until I was in my second office job that we decided to dress up a little for the day and organise some sweeps and a lunch, and I realized how big a deal it was.

We’d do some sweeps and some of us would go and put a punt on at the local TAB. One year I was adamant about going to the TAB to put money on Makybe Diva. I was only going to bet $5. I never got to the TAB and of course Makybe Diva won.

Over the years, for me it’s been less about the horse racing and more about the fashion on the field. I’d love to one day head to Flemington to people watch and be inspired by the outfits and head pieces.

I’ve never actually been to a Melbourne Cup function because I’ve either worked or I’ve been at home with my babies.

So when I was asked by the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland to be the guest speaker at the Partners in Plumbing event for Melbourne Cup at Cloudland, I was really excited.

I needed to find a dress and a fascinator to look the part and then of course I had to work out what I was going to share with the ladies.

Melbourne Cup Outfit

Wearing a dress from Stylefast, Fascinator from Target, Heels from Payless Shoes and Clutch from Colette Hayman

I organized my dad to drive in me to the Valley because one thing that hasn’t changed since I stopped working in the city is the traffic on Melbourne Cup day. My dad joked he was my personal Uber. Love how he’s getting in on the lingo of the times.

I had to ask the security guy if I was at Cloudland. Shows how often I get to the city these days…

The event was held  in the Heritage Room and there were 100 women (and a dozen blokes) in attendance.

melbourne cup lunch


cloudland toilets


partners in plumbing lunch

The MPAQ are passionate about helping the partners of plumbing businesses to network. And through getting together at organized partners in plumbing events, the ladies can form connections and a support network of like-minded women who are juggling families and managing their plumbing businesses. The events are really worth the investment for women to have a break from work and even discuss issues that relate to the everyday stresses of running a plumbing business.

partners in plumbing

My presentation was about fashion and how I studied my Diploma in Fashion Styling during the smoko breaks at TAFE while I did my apprenticeship.

The point of my presentation was to be the best you you can be when it comes to fashion, to always be curious about things that pique our interest while offering tips on being stylish when we have a busy lifestyle.

Speaking at partners in plumbing Melbourne Cup

What I shared will end up being in another blog post, but I was grateful for the opportunity to share my story and give tips. Although one thing I do need to remember is to explain what a blog is. I often assume that everyone knows what a blog is.

Next year there will be more Partners in Plumbing events. And they are worth attending – especially for those women who feel lonely in their role as the partner in the office, running the back end of the business. Sometimes it’s nice to offload the frustrations to someone other than the plumber.

Reece Albion

With Maddy from Reece Albion



Al's Plumbing Professionals

With Al from Al’s Plumbing Professionals – Al is a Licensed Plumber AND runs all the admin to her business.


Wesfarmers Insurance

With David Ross from Wesfarmers Insurance

A special thank you to the MPAQ for organizing the event and also to BUSSQ who introduced me and were one of the sponsors of the lunch.

MPAQ ladies

With Penny Cornah Executive Director MPAQ and Lisa Hilton Event Manager MPAQ

Have you ever dolled up for the Melbourne Cup? Ever been to an organized event to watch the Melbourne Cup?

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  • LOVE your outfit! You looked fab. And sounds like a great event. Looking forward to your follow-up post with the presentation details!
    Horse racing events aren’t my thing. Too much about them I disagree with. That said, I’ve been to two for hen’s events, and our school always did a Melbourne Cup sweep (which I seemed to win every year). #teamIBOT

  • How exciting for you. I absolutely adore your outfit. I’ve got a Spring Racing charity event this Saturday and I’m currently stressing about what to wear.

    • Oh, I hope you had a good time at your event. And thank you for your lovely comment. xx

  • I’ve been to a few Melbourne Cup functions, always a good day out! Your dress was gorgeous. xx

  • writeofthemiddle

    Looks like you had a ball Bec! I’m sure your talk was awesome too! Love your dress and fascinator – particularly love that red colour! I have been to a Melbourne Cup event at Sirromet winery. It was so much fun! Included a fashion parade – loads of fun! I did nothing this year – never mind. 🙂

    • Oh that would have been divine to celebrate Melbourne Cup at Sirromet Winery. x

  • Hugzilla

    Dude, you are a legend, seriously – totally smashing it (and so was that frock!)

  • How awesome to be asked to a Melbourne Cup lunch AND to speak at it- that’s fantastic! I’ve only got really dolled up once. I loved it, but to be honest, I found the whole process bloody tiring. I’ve had a few years off though so next year I’ll try again. You looked fabulous!

    • Thanks Melinda. I never tire of dressing up…. although it does take effort and costs money to accessorise!

  • You are totally rocking these speaking gigs!!!! I absolutely love your outfit. I think I’d go so far as to say it’s my favourite on you so far x

    • Oh, shucks, that’s so lovely of your to say. I’m glad I found the dress. I love the colours. x