How to clean your downpipes


As the summer season hits, rain and storms are always the norm for Queensland and it’s important to check your gutters and drains to ensure they aren’t blocked from leaves or any other debris.

How to clean your downpipes

Safety MUST be the first step when planning to clean out your gutters. Ensure you have a person below to watch as you clean your gutters. Wear gloves to ensure that you don’t get cuts or a bite from any unfriendly reptiles. To get on your roof safely use an approved ladder to reach a low-set roof gutter and for a high set, the use of an approved scaffold will need to be used.

To check downpipes are not blocked, use a hose to spray down each downpipe. If you find that there is a blockage that the hose can’t budge, arrange a plumber to unblock with a sani-snake or jet rodding machine. (To find out if you have a blockage from your downpipe see if the water from the hose overflows up the downpipe into the gutter. If it does you know that you have a blockage.)

If any gutters or downpipes are rusted out, get a quote from your local gold card licensed plumber to replace as any water run off will run out of the gutters and down pipes and can cause a potential flood in heavy rainfall.

If you find that rainwater is overflowing out of your gutters there could be a number of issues that could be causing the problem. Firstly your gutters may not have the correct fall. There also may not be enough downpipes to carry the rain away and thirdly check for rust spots that can cause holes in your gutters allowing the water to escape through these, rather than run along the gutter into the downpipe.

Storm water flood damage is one of the most avoidable floods that you can control and the first step is ensuring your gutters and downpipes are clear and you have adequate down pipes and storm water drains to carry the water away with the correct fall.

If you are unsure if your house has adequate storm water down pipes, give your local plumber a call. Ensure that the plumber has a licensed gold card to ensure you get quality work. You can also get details from the Master Plumbers association in your state for licensed plumbers in your area.